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We had a busy spring with The Malden family supporting Casa Hogar down in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, and The Reeves family supporting CEPIA an organization in Costa Rica.  Next up, our own family is headed to Peru where we are delivering soccer jerseys and balls to a youth team in Lima, and then flying to the Sacred Valley to support the Munaychay Children's Village!  There are over 72 children in this home, so we have been organizing shoes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap and other items to bring to these kids!  Not sure how we will carry everything just yet, but we need to be doing some creative packing!


Have a great summer!  If you are going anywhere interesting, let us know and we would be happy to find a project for you!


Kevin Carroll, is a highly recognized motivational speaker and agent for social change. I had the great privilege of meeting Kevin at the Global Changes Conference sponsored by Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the renowned author Founder and CEO of Katalyst LLC. 


Last week I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Carroll. Our discussions covered broad range of topics including: what motivates him, who he helps, and why Katalyst. 


Kevin Carroll has had one of the most diverse and exciting lives’ I could possibly imagine. In his early adult life, he was deployed overseas while he was serving in the U.S. Air Force.  As a multi-linguist, while overseas, he was an interpreter and translator for Croatian, Czech, Serbian and German engagements. When he returned home he pursued his passion for working in the sports industry as an athletic trainer in high schools and colleges in Philadelphia.  


He subsequently took a leap and became the lead athletic trainer for the Philadelphia 76ers!  After life in the NBA he accepted a challenge from Nike as their team dynamics and interpersonal communications guy. He left Nike in 2004 because he knew something was missing ……and later he found(ed) Katalyst.


While he had no particular plan when creating Katalyst, LLC it has now become a gateway to partnerships with other organizations to better the primary education of children all over the world.  And he does it with a ball. He always had a passion for sports and thru Katalyst he can that same passion for others. It took him 5 years to figure out what he wanted to be and reminded me that, “we all need to skin our knees a bit, until it all works out how we hoped”. Which is completely true, most companies, non-profits and for profits have difficulty in the first years of startup. 


He found his biggest challenge was finding the most effective corporate structure.  He needed a clear picture of what he actually wanted to accomplish. He made it through the company growing pains; the rise and fall and now he is fully devoted to his plan and consequenlty travels around the world telling people they can do the same - “be a social innovator for change”! 


“Soccer balls have a way of uniting a community” he told us at the Wheelock Global Causes Conference. They give children an outlet, and help them build team management skills. Having visited all 50 states and most countries around the world, he definitely understands what a ball can do for a child. And not only does he deliver sport balls but also book donations. Having partnered with many education associations he has provided a catalyst for educational changes around the world. He told me that, “it's my superhero kind of way, I want to leave these places better than what I found”.  He doesn’t think about it, he just has to do it. And always leaves something behind.


Having worked extensively in the sports industry and having played a key role in the world’s biggest sporting franchise and I just had to ask him what his favorite sport was!

But of course Kevin Carroll could not play favorites for he loves every game.  He explained that “each athlete in every sport is so differently conditioned and the tactics and aggression of games are so different! It is amazing to me what each kind of athlete is capable of.”  Nevertheless, I persisted and he did manage to narrow it down: tied for #1 is American Football and Soccer (football everywhere outside the U.S.), which of course makes sense since he always has soccer balls in tow wherever he travels.   His second most favorite is basketball, can’t forget the ‘76ers!


I also asked him what is most favorite destination was but in true fashion he couldn’t specify a favorite trip because they have all been so memorable and wonderful.  However, he does have a place that has a special meaning to his heart and that is Melbourne, Australia.  It was there that Kevin Carroll almost single handedly changed the education curriculum in universities and school systems for the Aboriginal community. This has such a profound impact on him that he and his wife designed their wedding bands and his wife’s engagement ring in Melbourne.


But back to the soccer balls! Mr. Carroll has a ritual when he brings soccer balls to children who don’t have them. He swaps out the soccer balls that the children creatively design and make from numerous kinds of material and keeps them for his collection. His most favorite was a soccer ball he found kids playing with in Uganda, which was made completely from banana roots!  He said, “It had such ingenuity and creativity put into its assembly” it had to be his favorite. 


If we all could gain that sort of creativity in every aspect of our lives, imagine what the human race could do. Kevin Carroll leads a life of motivating others to create change, no matter where in the world or how much. Like Destination4Good, Mr. Carroll chooses to make a difference wherever he travels. Whether it’s speaking words of motivation or bringing balls and books to children in impoverish communities. He has the passion and the power, just like at Destination4Good, to make a trip at a time. 


Squash the Mosquito, not the Dream! Help us help others to avoid Malaria! Help us to help kids around the world get an education. Our goal on CrowdIt is $5,000 and we have 37 days left!

San Diego, CA, July 12, 2013 -- Squash the Mosquito, not the Dream (, announcing that it is accepting crowd funding contributions and support in order to prevent malaria in the Sen Sok, Cambodia community and support the young children in their dream for an education. Believers can contribute to Squash the Mosquito, not the Dream by registering at CrowdIt( All contributions, both small and large, are accepted and appreciated to help



The joy of knowing that you could help an entire family avoid malaria by supplying them with a specially treated mosquito net.



The joy of knowing that you could help a child in need and a small D4G bumpersticker! And yup... a tax donation letter for you to take advantage of on next years taxes. 



A beautiful white cotton Destination4Good tshirt! These are a one of a kind item!!! And we will throw in a tax donation letter for you to use on next years' tax returns!



A beautiful white baseball hat monogrammed with the Destination4Good logo, a tax donation letter to show your charitable contribution to a non-profit organization, and the joy of knowing that you are funding a child to attend school for a year!!


“Squash the Mosquito, not the Dream” is an excellent example of the determination we see in Dreamers who are working hard to accomplish their funding goals on our site,” said Jason Graf, CEO of CrowdIt.“At CrowdIt, we fully support each individual project and truly look forward to seeing Dreams become reality.”


Our goal is to raise enough funds to supply each child we visit with a backpack, sneakers, a uniform to attend school, and a mosquito net to ward off malaria.

All funding will be delivered by one of our families to the village of Sen Sok, Cambodia to help the community and the children to receive a better education. 

D4G believes that everyone in the world needs to have the equal opportunity to health and education. Here in America any child can go to school for free while in countries like South Africa, Cambodia, and  Zimbabwe, families have to pay at least $100 per year (including uniforms) and many cannot afford this and therefore cannot attend. Soccer balls and backpacks are a privilege to most. Even sneakers are a privilege as well, and many children have to walk over an hour to school every day in small sandals, battered shoes or barefoot.

D4G is committed to making a difference in Sen Sok, providing enough supplies and funds so that every child not only has a uniform to attend school, but has a backpack and supplies to get the education they deserve.  And while we are handing out school supplies, we want to hand out mosquito netting to every family to help them avoid the curse of malaria. 


CrowdIt offers a fresh approach to crowdfunding with its mission to extend beyond just funding by incorporating expert advice, peer review, collaboration and business networking into the core functionality of the site. Anyone can sign into the CrowdIt community to search for like-minded partners, engage in conversation and collaborate toward the success of a crowdfunding project.

Additionally, the company is contributing $10,000 to the eligible project that reaches the highest amount of funding by Aug. 18, 2013. For contest details and qualification information, please visit (

To submit a project on CrowdIt, visit (


Contact: Marie LeRose

Founder/Board Member


As we prepare for a week of celebrating family, fun, and freedom we should take the time to reflect on those who do not have the rights we do, in places such as Vietnam, where D4G volunteers have recently volunteered their time.


In South Vietnam there is no freedom of speech, freedom of association, or peaceful assembly, anyone who questions government policy are subject to persecution.  When citizens try to stand up for what they believe in such as protesting against land and farm confiscation, they are beaten half to death by the police force. In 2012 local farmers and villagers faced this kind of confiscation and were left with nothing. Although primary education is free, the government is leaving the people and their children to starve and to have no access to health care. 


While Southern Africa has the right of freedom of speech, association, and assembly they do not have access to primary education like Vietnam. While there are many schools throughout the country a majority of households cannot afford the tuition and the expense for uniforms. Generally, the schools are in session for only 5-7 months of the year due to either weather or the necessity for children to work for their families. 


This week is about remembering our past and looking forward to our great futures offered here in America. And while the 4th of July signifies our day of freedom, millions of children all around the world know no such word. I truly hope you enjoy the day with your families.  I also hope you will remember our mission at D4G, to provide supplies to children in need in order offer them the hope for the same freedoms and opportunities that we know. 

This past week I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Global Challenges and Opportunities Facing Children, Youth, and Families Conference at Wheelock College in Boston, MA. This conference was hosted by President of Wheelock, Jackie Jenkins-Scott and attended by many formidable individualsof the world, including ambassadors, lawyers, political figures, and kings. 


A primary focus of this conference was about creating better access to early education for all children around the world. I had the chance to listen to Cherie Blair, a highly respected lawyer in the UK and the wife of former Prime Ministerof England (Tony Blair). She told us, “What happens elsewhere in the world, effects us here”. Whether we can realize it or not, providing access to education for every child in the world can create thousands of opportunities for all of our futures. 


I read a post on Facebook the other day it read, “What if the person who can create the cure for cancer, doesn’t have access to education”. This is the best statement that anyone who has the power to make the difference, can read. Everyone has the power to make a difference. 


Destination4Good has many connections around the world through volunteering and contributions. We provide school supplies, backpacks, sneakers, and best of all, according to Mr. Kevin Carroll, soccer balls! Kevin Carroll is the founder of Kevin Carroll Katalyst/LLC, author, speaker, and agent for social change. It is his “job” to inspire businesses, organizations, and individuals “to embrace their spirit of play and creativity to maximize their human potential and sustain more meaningful business and personal growth”. He believes a soccer ball can unite a community, motivate a child, and create better future leaders. 


Destination4Good has similar passion and understanding of why soccer balls create such an impact in small communities in Vietnam or Zimbabwe. Our volunteers have witnessed the joy that comes with a soccer game, the smiles, and the team work. We hope to expand our mission, collaborate with other organizations and motivated individuals, and really make a trip at a time. 



D4G is proud to announce our newest sponsor! New England Footwear based in Newmarket, NH is the new up and coming company for their GoLite brand of sneakers. NEF has generously donated over 80 pairs of sneakers to Destination4Good to go towards our 2013 excursions around the world. These shoes will go a long way in helping the children and families we meet. These shoes will provide a safer and easier walk to school in treacherous walking conditions. 

Thank you New England Footwear for your donation and supporting our mission!

Hi everyone! 

Here at Destination4Good (D4G) I recently had an opportunity to interview a few of the children who have participated in the Destination4Good adventures; Gabrielle, Grayson, and Sophia LeRose. As the founders’ (Marie and Mike LeRose) children, they were able to experience the first opportunities to volunteer and they are so grateful that they did. 


During the past two years, the LeRose family has travelled to four different countries to volunteer and donate supplies; Mexico, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, and South Africa. They were able to donate many supplies to organizations in the different countries such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, school supplies, clothes, and soccer balls.


Prior to their trip, all the children played a key role in organizing and acquiring donations during their school year. Gabrielle (15 years old), the organization’s secretary tracked the funds and inventory for distribution on the trips.  Sophia (13 years old) belongs to a club called FAV (Female Athlete Volunteers) which she and another friend started. Their group provided goodie bags made with love and filled with toothbrushes, toothpaste, school supplies and more to send off to children in the destination countries.  Grayson’s (13 years old) fundraising efforts included organizing and participating in bake sales and lemonade stand sales.  


Gabrielle’s favorite country was Zimbabwe were they met over 20 orphaned children who were living together in a very small house.  D4G was able to donate clothing, hygiene and school supplies and soccer balls to the orphanage.  Gabrielle was so touched because she felt they “were able to make the most difference there”.  


Grayson shared with me, “South Africa is the whole picture for why someone would want to volunteer their time and donate supplies.  They were so nice and really thankful for all that we brought to them”.   Having spent several months volunteering in South Africa myself, I couldn’t agree more.  It is customary in places like South Africa and Zimbabwe that children will give thanks to visitors by demonstrating wonderful traditional dances, singing very loudly and cheering. While in South Africa, they also played a lot of soccer and the children taught the LeRose family how to play “net ball”. For all of you who do not know, net ball is very similar to basketball minus the backboard! Very, very difficult... 


Sophia’s favorite country was Vietnam.  She told me, “Vietnam would be my favorite because we spent a lot more time there.  We really got to know the people and their culture and spent a lot of time at the school. It was so eye opening.”  One of her favorite funny memories of Vietnam was they day they were hiking up a beaten dirt road when a group of Vietnamese women dressed in bright colors came over to their family and were instantly infatuated with their dad! The women followed them around for hours, flirting and gawking at Mr. LeRose. It was quite an experience. 


The passion that the LeRose children now have for volunteering is inspiring.  Because of their travels they are now so driven to make a difference in the lives of so many children. Whether it’s raising money at home, passing out supplies, playing soccer, dancing, running, or just singing, their goal is to make the children the meet happy and to convey to them that other people outside their communities care for them.   


Their parents’ dream for their children (which seems to be coming true already) is to raise them to be world citizens; to take an interest in people from other cultures; to learn from the people they meet and to be inspired to look beyond their comfortable horizons to not be afraid to make a difference in the world.  This was the inspiration behind D4G, to offer opportunities to other families and young people to look at the world with open eyes and to be inspired to make a trip at a time.



Hi everyone!

This is Margaret Doheny posting, as the new employee of D4G, I’d like to share why I believe D4G is a great opportunity and a wonderful non-profit idea. 

I would like to start with a personal experience because it exemplifies why I am so passionate about being a part of Destination4Good. I recently had the opportunity to travel abroad for a few months to South Africa.  Staying at the Kwantu Private Game Reserve North of Port Elizabeth, SA, I set out to earn my Level 1 Field Guide and Ranger Certification. After my two month stay I am happy to report that I am now certified to lead safaris throughout all of Southern Africa. 


As part of my studies and volunteer work I was able to go out on game drives everyday, studied animals and their behavior, and raised a white lion cub named Nanuk.  Yet 

working with animals was only part of the experience for me. Almost every Tuesday and Thursday we traveled outside of Sidbury, about 45 minutes from the reserve, to a school called The 5 Rivers, where 80 children anxiously awaited our arrival. We brought them lunch for every visit, so seeing us wasn’t the only thing on their mind. The first time I arrived at the school, I stepped out of our bus and in a matter of seconds there was a little girl in my arms, giving me kisses and thanking me for coming to play with her.


We surprised them that day with school supplies and honestly it was the best feeling of my life to see those kids receiving school supplies. It appeared to me that it was equivalent to an American child receiving a puppy.  They were so excited and so thankful. I had never seen a child so happy to receive what I had to that moment consider such a small and inconsequential gift. This is exactly the type of opportunity that Destination4Good is focused on.  What they are doing so on well each trip is brightening a day in a life of a child that could change not only the receiver’s life, but the giver’s as well.  I know it changed mine.


There are so many children in the world that need help.  Just a gift of a pair of shoes will allow a child to walk to and from school with a minimized risk of injury.  At the school where I volunteered a gift of $150 paid for a year’s tuition for one child.  Even a simple visit from a family can inspire them to do so many things. Any amount of donation is valued.  


And a visit from families with their children fosters connections between cultures.  Not only is it a chance to give a child in need school supplies to last a whole year, but it is a great opportunity to influence our children here to look beyond our borders, to care about others in need and to hopefully return another day with more inspiration and motivation to make a difference.  


Here in the US in our classrooms we can show kids on paper what the world is like: full of great buildings, wonders of the world, political figures, and national holidays. What they can’t see is what goes on behind the scenes; the poverty, the need, the struggles, as well as the endless courage and determination to make their own dreams come true.  


I believe that the my generation and the next will be the innovators for change in world that addresses poverty, education, and health. It is the passion of the young with that will offer solutions for the long run. The exposure offered by D4G will help broaden minds to new ideas, especially world changing ideas. 


I believe that the children and adults that have the opportunity to join Destination4Good will be forever changed by their trip abroad.  They will have met the real people and seen the real need which in turn will foster passion and that type of passion stays with someone forever. 

Destination4Good is so excited for one of our favorite projects, the Rose Charity Orphanage in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe.
The United States Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe has selected the Rose Charity Orphanage as one of eight community based projects to receive one of their Self-Help grants in 2013.  The orphanage is excited to receive funds and start their building project to be able to provide more support for the local children.